AITEC is a medium scale farm that operates various training programs, enables regional access to improved agricultural inputs, mechanization, supply chains, access to knowledge and has impacts on value chains.


CultivAid established our first site in Ethiopia in 2014 in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  Our first partnership was with the Tigray development Association which quickly expanded to trainings with the Bureau of Agricutlure, regional colleges and farmers near the site.  By 2015 we established an important partnership collaboration with El Shadai Children’s village which has expanded to several initiatives throughout the years.   

Our program was selected for scaling up as part of the Sekota Declaration where we became technical consultants for the Federal government in transferring Israeli knowledge and technology to Ethiopia.  Through on-going trainings and open days our networks grew and with it additional projects.  Today CultivAid operates throughout Ethiopia in Amhara, Sidama, Tigray and in Addis with multiple partners that include local and international NGOs, government and private sector. 


CultivAid established our first site in  the Dodoma region of Tanzania in 2021 as part of a collaboration with Water4Mercy and Don Bosco Technical Institute. The establishment of an AITEC farm is seen as a model for expansion.  Through the AITEC we began a program to provide agricultural training and support to villages that had water infrastructure developed by Innovation Africa.  

Our work is slowly expanding with emphasis being placed on value chain development.  We see a huge potential for grape produce in the Dodoma region and have established a testing site to examine varieties. There is a growing demand for irrigation technology and we are developing partnerships for national expansion. 


CultivAid’s expansion to Kenya came following an invitation by the Israeli Embassy to establish an AITEC center. The Center has been established in 2022 at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Embu county. Through the AITEC various programs will be implemented that strengthen the agricultural ecosystem of Embu and surrounding counties.   

The Embu site is unique as it has an operational farm which will be upgraded and demonstrate a model medium scale farm.  The site will be a revenue generating farm ensuring self-sufficiency and expansion in Kenya. 


In Uganda we aim to establish an AITEC farm in the city of Mbale by the end of 2023. The site will operate as a base of operations for a regional development program that supports the Abayudaya community and their neighbors in the region. 

The project will be based on four pillars that includes 1) Establishing the AITEC farm 2) establishing cooperative farms in selected villages 3) Regional capacity building programs and 4) recruiting impact investment capital to establish revenue generating farms to sustain and expand operations.  We are currently identifying sources of funding for establishing this program.

Our programs

Agricultural Diplomacy seeks to share cutting edge Israeli knowledge, technology and expertise in agriculture, water and environment through partnerships between stakeholders in Israel and Arab-Muslim countries. The initiative will establish a network of AITECs throughout the countries involved to provide training and educational opportunities, promote investments and business partnerships,  support government programs and infrastructure development, and establish joint agricultural research and development programs.

The program is initiating its first project while raising additional resources to meet the project’s objectives. 

Our programs