Careers at CultivAid

CultivAid is expanding and growing and we are looking for dedicated experts to join out team.  Choose from the open positions below and continue come grow with us.

CultivAid’s project manager position combines grower / agronomist work, trainings and management. The position requires technical and agronomic abilities, excellent interpersonal skills, good manpower management ability, reliability and the ability to work in a diverse cultural environment.  

The Country Coordinator will be involve management, Human Resources, Administration, and Logistics and project development. A suitable candidate requires a high level of English and good interpersonal skills, managerial skills, and be able to acclimate to different societies and cultures. The country coordinator will be responsible for ensuring proper management of the organization in Tanzania with a high level of self-reliance in dynamic situations.

The program Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the program work plan, public relationship and fund raising.  The position requires high motivation, self-management, communication skills, strong data analysis. The program Coordinator will be responsible for the development of the program framework up to the point of implementation.

CultivAid’s Accounts and Logistics manager is responsibility for financial management in the organization including monthly financial reporting, bookkeeping, ongoing work with CPAs and external accounting, follow-up on the budget and more.

This one-of-a-kind training program provide young professionals experience to work in international settings, deepening agricultural knowledge while training others. The 6-months internship program provides experience in the implementation, operation and management of international agricultural programs.  


This specialized training program provides recent university or technical school graduates practical hands on agricultural  training.  The 6-12 months internship program provides young professionals the desired experience in the implementation, operation and maintenance of the technologies that have been introduced in our projects. Interns work side by side with their Israeli counterpart on the implementation of year-round operations.

We are currently recruiting in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya.