Cultivaid is managed by a team of researchers, agronomists, and water experts who can undertake international development initiatives and the required training and capacity building of local  professionals

Management team:

Dr. Tomer Malchi

Executive Director and co-founder.

Tomer holds a B.Sc., in Industrial and Labor relations from Cornell University. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc., and Ph.D from the faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tomer has extensive experience in national and international development work in the field of agriculture, water and energy. As Executive Director, Tomer is responsible for project development and expanding CultivAid’s operations.  

Ben Cohen

Chief Technical Officer and co-founder

Ben holds a B.Sc., Agr. in Soil and water science from the faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a M.Sc., in Desalination and Irrigation from the University of Ben Gurion in the Negev. Ben has extensive experience in agriculture and water management, working and managing agricultural projects for the past 10 years. As the Technical manager, Ben has vast experience in irrigation & water systems, water treatment, plan nutrition, soil physics and soil chemistry.


Yair Keinan

Chief Operations Officer and co-founder

Yair holds a BSc. in biotechnology with a specialization in agriculture from Tel Hai College, and a M.Sc in business administration. As operational and financial manager Yair is responsible for planning and directing the organization’s daily activities. Yair has extensive expertise in vegetable production and crop management and has worked in various agricultural projects throughout Israel.

Roxanne Halper

Office manageR

Roxanne holds a BSc in Conservation and Resource studies from U.C. Berkeley.  She was a farmer for many years working in field crops and viticulture at a Kibbutz.  A career change led her to 10 years at the Weizmann Institute in an administrative position. She accrued knowledge of the international development arena from her work at NALA – an NGO focused on public health issues in Ethiopia.  Roxanne manages CultivAid’s office in Israel and supports activities throughout the organization

David Zukerman

Tanzania Country manager

David holds a B.Sc. in Agronomy from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a graduate of the CultivAid internship program where he gained practical experience training farmers in Africa. He extended his knowledge working at a farm in Israel. David is the program manager for CultivAid’s operations in Tanzania, where he has established and is responsible for operation of AITEC Dodoma and expanding activities in Tanzania.

Hagos Kidane

Ethiopia Field Coordinator

Hagos has a Diploma in crop production and marketing management from St. Mary College and a Degree in accounting from Mekelle University. He joined CultivAid in January 2018 following a six-month internship with CultivAid. Hagos has been the anchor of support in Mekelle, developing trainings and promoting agricultural
development through CultivAid’s unique hands-on approach. Hagos is managing CultivAid programs in Tigray and expanding activities in the region.