ElShadai AITEC Farm

Elshadai children village Farm provides orphaned children with a loving home as well as basic necessities such as food, clothing, education opportunities and healthcare. The farm supports 160 orphaned and abandoned children, 1,000 economically disadvantaged children and 36 students in universities and colleges.

Elshadai children village farm is the second AITEC farm being constructed by CultivAid in Tigray, Ethiopia. The farm produces as a mean of self sustainable economic development and to provide students with nutritious food.

The farm consists of a 0.5 hectare demonstration and training plot (established in 2016), a state of the art solar irrigated avocado orchard that has been implemented in cooperation with MASHAV (established in 2017).

In addition the farm operates 10 Ha of irrigated fields which will be transformed into a modern drip irrigated farm. Elshadai farm aims to support the logistical requirements of farmers by providing both backward and forward linkages.