Nutrition sensitive agriculture


Nutrition-sensitive agriculture is a health based approach to agricultural development that puts nutritionally rich foods and dietary diversity as a priority in support of overcoming malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. Nutrition-sensitive agriculture emphasizes the multiple benefits derived from enjoying a variety of foods, recognizing the nutritional value of food for proper nutrition, and the importance and social significance of the food and agricultural sector on the livelihoods of rural communities.

CultivAid’s nutrition-sensitive approach focuses on conducting dietary assessment and evaluating the nutritional requirements of a specific population.

 Our in house nutrition experts provide an in depth analysis of the food consumed and recommendations of how to improve the diet.  In turn our agricultural programs consider these recommendations in developing the seasonal planning and which crops to demonstrate and introduce to a specific region.

Example of our work: At the Mekelle School for the Blind our analysis has determined a deficiency of Vitamin A among school children, in response the school’s agricultural plot began to focus on vitamin A rich crops year round.  The plot is producing carrots, sweet potatoes and mangold for consumption by the students. Establishing such linkages are at the heart of CultivAid’s Nutrition-sensitive agriculture program.