North Shewa Development Program

The Development program is establishing regional activity in the North Shewa zone in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The community-based development program is focused on capacity building, agriculture, artisan craft and supporting the Beta Israel of North Shewa. The communities of the area have ancestral roots related to Beta Israel communities of Gondar and are related to the community in Kechene, Addis Abeba.

CultivAid’s activities are based on a knowledge-based approach and include activities related to agriculture, water, artisanship crafts, education and community organization which are based on regional partnerships with multiple stakeholders.

The program aims to build the capacity of the region in order to empower local professionals to address the challenges of the region. While the program identifies the Beta Israel communities and the Gedams as the primary stakeholders in North Shewa, the program understand that the development of one group is linked to the development of the entire region and thus had identified multiple stakeholders for partnership in the implementation.

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