Israeli-Kenya AITeC At Don Bosco, Embu Kenya – AITeC Embu

Don Bosco AITEC Embu was established in 2022 with implementation of an Agricultural Training, Demonstration and Research (TDR) site at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Embu, Kenya  

The program was established through the initiative of Water4Mercy, a USA based non-profit organization that supports water and agricultural development in Tanzania and a partnership with the Israeli Embassy in Kenya.

The vision of the AITEC farms is to build local capacity in advanced agricultural technologies, strengthening the ability of home-grown experts to lead the agricultural transformation from within. 

The 4-acre (1 hectare) site functions as the base for the school’s practical training program, demonstrating Israeli technology and conducting research. The site is equipped with drip irrigation, sprinklers, greenhouses, a seedling nursery and fruit trees. 

The AITEC aims to promote sustainability, food security, dissemination and adoption of appropriate technologies and capacity building programs.  The program strengthens the Don Bosco Embu Technical and Vocational Institute in order to provide the highest quality education in agriculture serving regional capacity building.