Our vision

CultivAid is an Israeli nonprofit organization, specializing in capacity building and knowledge and technology transfer initiatives with a focus on the agricultural and water sectors. CultivAid emphasizes the development of skilled local professionals through hands-on training programs, field work, and joint research in order to build a sustainable knowledge infrastructure for future development.

CultivAid’s holistic approach combines market based approaches together with development interventions, combining agro-business and rural development initiatives.

Last week we traveled to Northern Israel to provide a technology tour of israel to state ministers and the ambassador of ethiopia. We visited water treatment, water storage, monitoring, agricultural sites, energy infrastructure and innovative technologies.


CultivAid’s 5th annual


From Pilot demonstration

to Scale up

Wednesday and Thursday, May 29-30, 2019

leading a team of researches from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Maryland to Ethiopia on a learning journey.

May, 2019

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