Training and Demonstration sites

  • CultivAid’s Agricultural training and demonstration sites introduce modern agricultural technology while providing capacity building through ongoing trainings and logistical support to local farmers and development agents.
  • Training centers are 0.5-1 hectare sites equipped with drip irrigation, sprinklers, greenhouses, seedling development, and demonstrate advanced agro-techniques. The sites aim to develop the agricultural knowledge infrastructure and support a new generation of growers.
  • The plots demonstrate to the average farmer how to maximize yields and revenues from a piece of land similar in size. In addition, the demonstration plot creates fertile ground for the accessibility of advanced technologies and new methods at a relatively low cost.
  • The training program at these sites are administered by Israeli and local agronomists together. The sites are designed to support development organizations, universities, research institutes or specific sites that aim to develop skilled professionals. The primary target of the training program is for students, development agents, agronomists and professionals, who will in turn provide training and support the transfer of knowledge and technology to farmers.