Kallamino AITEC Farm

Kallamino farm, owned by the Tigray Development Association (TDA) serves as a base of operation for CultivAid’s activities in Tigray since 2014. The farm includes 10 hectares of pressurized irrigation, a 6000 cubic meter reservoir, a 2 hectare Avocado orchard, a 660 square meter greenhouse of seedling production and a 1 hectare demonstration and training site.  The farm serves as model of an Agricultural Innovation and Technology Center in Ethiopia, AITEC farm, emphasizing medium scale production units.

The TDA is a regional development organization that for over 25 years has been working towards poverty alleviation with strong emphasis on education, health skills training and food security.

The farm’s demonstration and training site demonstrates that vegetable yields can be increased 10 fold through the implementation of improved agro-technical methods and modern technology. The site serves as a training facilities to conducts workshops for farmers, students, development organizations and agronomists. The farm conducts monthly training sections, bi-yearly open days and has hosted thousands of students, agriculture experts and farmers in the past two years.

The Vegetable seedling nursery is addressing the region’s agricultural needs for high quality seedling production and access to hybrid seeds. The nursery has the capacity to produce 250,000 seedlings per cycle with 4-5 cycles per year.  is an important component of the agricultural transformation.